5 Fun Wedding Photography Props

5 Fun Wedding Photography Props


Wedding photography can be a very competitive industry. Especially if you live in a small city where thriving photographers seem to monopolize the majority of clients, it can be difficult to remain competitive and marketable when working with new clients. Having said that, one of the most important ways to ensure customer satisfaction is to provide a unique and exciting experience that you can not find elsewhere. Consider what we shared last week when we discussed the differences between amateur and professional photography:

“One of the main reasons some photographers grow great supervision and others do not do is that the most famous photographers are able to tell a unique story that can not be found elsewhere.When shooting shots around the same level Of skill, usually the same things and in general the same style as millions of other people, who cling intrinsically to the competition and gives potential fans and fans a reason to specifically check their work.

When you enter the wedding photograph in particular, this is especially true. Hence offering customers a fun and unique service, different from their competition, are given a particular reason to choose for you. One of our favorite tips? You bring fun and exciting accessories with you without asking. If you find yourself in the big day is not only able to create the dream shots of your customers, but also to bring interesting ideas, it adds value to your service. For starters, here are 5 cute accessories to consider packing for the big day:

It is a great simple choice. If you create your own DIY wood panel with a romantic phrase like “happy forever”, you can make sure your clients star in some photos (and reuse it when you are working a wedding).
This is a similar idea and you can keep and reuse whenever you want. You can either mount paper cards in suspension or buy a discount banner. Explain something like “Happily Married!” And the couple either side by side, each with one end to create another cute look.
For this look, simply pass pretty garlands (could be floral, paper hearts, beads, etc.) from a door frame and make sure that both protects to create a depth of field a fun point of view.
This is a good step for action. For this look, ask an attendant (if you have one) or pairs of friends to stay at the top (think of a ladder or balcony) and place a bag of shredded paper in the pair that is placed next.
For this look, consider asking the couple to offer their color system in advance and retrieve handled balloons that are held in fancy buttons.