Professor Ludington to become associate dean at law school

Professor Ludington to become associate dean at law school


Campbell Associate Law, Professor Sarah Ludington begin serving the institution as Associate Dean of Academic Affairs effective July 1. A respected scholar in the field of freedom of expression and the right to privacy, the Ludington Labor examined the implications of the mandate for teachers’ discourse and methods to discourage the misuse of personally identifiable information. She also co-wrote articles on the history of repudiation of sovereign debt and the doctrine of odious debt. More recently, a chapter on the history of food and agricultural subsidies in the USDA Food Fight – like the past in Contemporary Food Matters Debates (UNC Press, 2017) was published.

As Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Ludington will have primary responsibility for the academic law school, going directly to the Dean. She will be responsible for taking care of all academic matters, planning and protection classes of the attached faculty.

The current owner and associate professor Tim Zinnecker, who served as such for five and a half years, will continue to be an active member of full-time education at Campbell Law School. During the next school year, you must teach the course of first year contracts and during the required high guaranteed transactions.

“Dean Zinnecker is the hardest-working person in this building and handles huge responsibilities without worry or fanfaronnement,” said Campbell Judge J. Rich Leonard. “I’m not sure that I survived my first years as a dean without his regular presence.

“Professor Ludington is a recognized scholar, master, demanding and creative remover. It is the obvious choice to replace Dean Zinnecker, and we look forward to working together.”

Ludington, who received the University’s mandate in 2015, taught in the summer study abroad program that Campbell Law co-sponsored in Cambridge, England. She also gave a lecture on United States constitutional law at the University of Cork in Ireland and Duke in Geneva, Institute of Transnational Law. It will continue to teach courses in constitutional law, confidentiality of information and civil procedure. Ludington is delighted to take on the role of associate dean.

“This is an exciting time for Campbell Law School,” said Ludington. “We are more and more and we have a great leader in Dean Leonard.We aim at training lawyers willing to practice.To this end, I am committed to upholding the rigorous academic standards of Campbell Law and developing courses and programs that improve training And preparation of our graduates.

Prior to joining Campbell Law School, Ludington taught lawful deed at Duke School of Law and practiced law in Washington, DC, and New York. Two federal universities were held, Harry T. Edwards of the District Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia and Joyce Hens Green of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. She also has an important background in teaching literature and writing in high schools.

Ludington received a law degree from Duke Law School with high honors and was included in the Order of the Coff. She received the Written Award from Hervey Johnson for published high, was editor of Notes Law Journal and received the American Jurisprudence Award in Constitutional Law.