Why Aren’t More People Following Your Instagram?


In a world where online community involvement increases, it is extremely useful for you as an aspiring photographer to spend time to build and maintain organized social media pages. Not only do they provide an outlet for sharing your art, it also has commercial advantages and can be very lucrative if you approach it professionally. If you run an online store selling impressions for example, you can easily use social media to guide visitors on this website. In addition, social media pages use fast resources, where customers can view samples of their work.

Of all available platforms, some are clearly distinguishable as being more convenient to use during the photography presentation. Instagram, of course, is at the top of this list.

However, one of the most common complaints we get at problem photographers is that they do not seem to find an in-depth follow up on their Instagram page. If this sounds like you, here are the basic rules of Instagram’s success, we suggest you respect:

Follow a routine
It should be consistent with your publication, but you do not want to overburden customers with too many images, which hampers your diet and is generally considered to be boring. Usually we say that posting a photo a day is enough. If you want to take the pace, it is recommended to leave an interval of few hours between each image sharing and try not to post more than a 6 per day (especially if you have a small number of the following accounts, much more important can Out sharing).

Anywhere 1-3 pictures per day is best practice. Fortunately, if you have a handful of images you want to upload and you can not refine it, Instagram has recently released a new tool where you can share more than one image at a time using a carousel function. Use it instead if you want to share a great series.

to be consistent
Just as it is important to be consistent with your schedule, it is important to be consistent with your content. If you are a wedding photographer, for example, sharing photos of Hamburge cheese they had for lunch or new shoes you just bought are out of the mark. If you have personal photos you want to share on Instagram, it would be interesting to do 2 accounts, one for companies (an account dedicated exclusively to wedding photos) and for pleasure (these new sneakers or this super hamburger).

Why do not people follow their Instagram?
I use Hashtags
It is likely that most of your new subscribers will come. Think of hashtags as organization tags for the image content. If you were a physical print of the image in a file folder, how would this folder be labeled? And what folders labeled similarly, which shares a drawer once categorized as such?

We say this because once you have tagged a photo, Instagram algorithms will then add your photo to a similar gallery village (so if a food photographer #pizza scored on a shot of a slice, for example, it is added Then image the mass of a gallery through the Instagram among all the other plans of marking #pizza). This way, if a pizza pizza enthusiast in search of famous photographers to follow, you can simply see this hashtag and scroll through a gallery until they find a picture they like. From there, they can click on it and check the rest of the work of this photographer and follow if they like what they see.

This is especially useful if you are a niche of something like photographer taking portraits of children or pets. People (potential followers) who are generally interested in topics so often look for related hashtags so they can see interesting content and discover new users to follow. Given this, it is important to make sure that your hashtags are relevant so that your images are included in that public research right.

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