Amazing Design with White Subway Tile Bathroom

Nov 10th

White subway tile bathroom – When planning your bathroom remodeling project, consider using white metro tiles. They give home spaces an expensive looking face lift at half price. In fact, subway tiles are the only cheap tile with an excellent way edge as you go from modern to modern bathroom remodeling themes. In addition, white subway tiles cut down on project work time, so you can see results immediately

Prepare all your tools. Wear your safety glasses and gloves with the relevant work shoes and work clothes. If you have to work in the bathroom walls and floors, make the walls first. Prepare the area. If there is an existing ceramic tile on your bathroom wall or floor, use a chisel, mortar and hammer to tear down tiles from walls and floors. After tearing the old tiles, clean the underpants. Remove dust and dirt in preparation for your white subway tile bathroom. The substrate must be rough, with a grinder so that the thinned mortar will stick to the underlay when you start installing new tiles

Prepare tiles. Make all the necessary measurements for precise assembly. Cut the tiles to fit into the work area, use tile saw, tile cutters or tile nippers to level their edges. While thick, thin, smooth and rough tiles require so much bubble in tile shapes and cut to blend in the perfect tile pattern that all subway tiles require is simple and straightforward installation. Dry fits your metro white tiles. Arrange them the way you want to install them. Use a marker or pencil to mark the location of the new tiles. If you only replace and mix the white subway tile bathroom with the existing bathroom tiles, you can do some cultivated to fit the shape of the new tile.

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