Awesome Blue Kitchen Curtains Ideas

Jan 28th

Blue kitchen curtains add a touch of southern charm to a kitchen window. Sew some cheerfully curled curtain panels to an important window over the kitchen sink. This project is best done with a sewing machine, but does not require any special sewing skills. Carefully measure the window to determine the run length required for the curtains.

Blue kitchen curtains, measure the height of the window from a curtain rod to the bottom of the window sill. Add 4 1/2 inches for a top home and bottom punch nail. Subtract 3 inches for a 3-inch punch. Measure the width of the window and multiply by 2, adding 2 inches for the side edges. Split in two to two window sections.

Blue kitchen curtains, multiplies the width of a window panel with 2 for fold width. Add 1/2 inch for the side edges. Add 3/4 inches to pound the height of a nail and the bottom. Turn the bottom edge of the ruffles under 1/4 inches twice for one edge. Pin and sew with a straight stitch. Tighten the top tension device your sewing machine. Practice to collect scrap material to a punch with the sharpened tension until the collection method has been mastered. This may take some time, but is worth the effort.