Best Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Feb 9th

Bathroom Vanity Ideas – Considering remodeling a bathroom? Just because it’s in the bathroom doesn’t mean it can’t be as immaculately designed and cared for as the rest of the house. Here are some bathroom design ideas using different kinds of bathroom vanities. The antique vanity. If the rest of the home is decorated in an antique style, make the bathroom match by adding an antique-style vanity. The bathroom sink can be set inside an antique-style wood setting, with elaborately finished wood designs, classic cabinet knobs, and heavy marble or granite tops and sink basins. Above the sink, hang an antique mirror of a size and shape that matches both the overall bathroom but also the look and color of the wood encasing the bathroom sink.

The modern vanity. On the opposite end of the spectrum from the antique vanity are the modern bathroom vanity ideas. These vanities have sleek, stark, modern lines and materials. One popular new trend is to raise the bowl of the bathroom sink out of its usual recessed setting, so that it sits atop the bathroom counter. Mirrors for these bathroom vanities tend to be austere, no-nonsense rectangles which are nearly Zen-like in their simplicity. Some of these modern-style vanities do not have standard cabinets beneath the bathroom sink; instead, they appear more like a coffee table or stool with a bathroom sink inside – a very unique look for someone who wishes to make his or her bathroom strikingly different from the norm.

The glass bathroom vanity ideas. Give the bathroom an even lighter, even more contemporary feeling by opting for a glass countertop and sink basin. Like some of the other modern vanities, the transparent glass sink basin is usually raised above its usual recessed position and sits atop the counter, like a beautiful giant glass serving bowl waiting for its occupants. The countertop itself can also be glass, giving the whole bathroom a light and airy feel. Underneath the glass countertop, install a standard, wooden bathroom cabinet so that bathroom “unsightliness”, such as razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, clippers, styling products, and so forth, still remain out of sight.