Best Bathroom Window Curtains Ideas

Jan 14th

Window treatments for the bathroom window curtains should be chosen for both complement the overall style of the bathroom and provide adequate privacy protection when the bathroom is in use. Although considerations such as humidity should play a role in the selection of the curtain material, there are many style and design options for homeowners who want to make window treatments an integrated piece of bathroom decor.

Sheer textiles are suitable for bathroom window curtains because they do not tend to mold or mold and dry very quickly. Choose a lot of fabrics like organza or voile for windows that have private yards; Small windows located above shoulder height or windows with frosted or toned glass are also suitable for easy treatments. Choose louder panels in bright pastel colors to create an airy look mint green and baby blue are subtle accompaniments to a sea or land-themed bathroom.

Modern bathrooms with dark granite countertops and gray slate floors are better paired with clean and crisp panels in white, black or gray. To increase light blocking and privacy, make two or three panels in different shades of the same color. Many bathroom window curtains are smaller than the traditional three foot of four foot black, so a little bit stretches a long way in the form of swag and bedside curtains. Dress up a pair of simple neutral-colored cotton curtains or pull-down blinds or shades with elegant fabric swag.