Cheap Ways to Decorate Frameless Bathroom Mirror

Nov 13th

Frameless bathroom mirror are common in bathrooms because they are cheaper than framed mirrors. Create your own frame or border to your bathroom mirror that complements your decor style and colors or theme in the bathroom. Decorating your frameless bathroom mirror does not have to cost a lot of money, take a lot of time or be a hassle if you choose a simple, cheap method that fits your lifestyle and crafting abilities.

Cheap ways to decorate frameless bathroom mirror use paint, use acrylic craft paint to paint design or a border directly on the mirror. Simple scroll patterns, flowers, geometric shapes or a pattern you want can be painted around the edge of the mirror to act as a border. Use stencils if you are not comfortable painting in free hand. Use the theme or colors of your towels, bath curtains and other accessories as inspiration. For example, paint a blue wavy pattern or anchors if your bathroom is decorated in a nautical theme or a series of yellow ducks for a rubber and-themed bathroom.

Cheap ways to decorate frameless bathroom mirror with flowers, use small hooks or glue to the bones of silk flowers and green, like wooded, around the mirror. Drape a piece of ivory or garland from the top of the mirror down to the sides and glue a pair of silk blossoms or braid silk flowers in with Garland. Tie ribbon around the center and in the corners if you wish. Silk flowers and vines can be purchased for less than a few dollars, depending on the quality and quantity you choose to buy.

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