Choose White Curtain Rod Ideas

Jan 27th

White curtain rod – You may find that adding curtains to a room is just the decorative fix that need. Curtains come in all different styles, patterns, textures, materials and sizes and can match almost any decor. No matter what your personal taste, odds are you can find the perfect curtains for your room. When you decide to hang the curtains is the right choice for your home, one of your next steps is to choose the right curtain rod

Measure area of ​​your window where you plan to hang a white curtain rod. This will depend on the type of curtains you are hanging on. Some are hung well over the window frame, while others are hung just over it. Your curtains can also be extended a few inches above the window frame or they can just cover it.

Decide what kind of white curtain rod you want to use for your curtains. Curtain strings come in many different types. Decorative rods are designed to enhance the appearance of your curtains while hidden bars are not being seen. Choose a traversal bar if you are wide-bred, closed with a wand and string and choose cafe bars if you hang the cafe curtains. Choose a curtain bar that corresponds to the measurement you received as you measured the area of ​​your windows where you hang your curtains. The overall length of the curtain strings will fall between 28 and 120 inches.