Choosing Place Hanging Shower Curtain Rod

Jan 29th

Shower Curtain Rod – The shower curtains provide comfort and protection, and all homes should have one in the shower. They help keep the water from flooding your bathroom, protect the floor and help make it easier for you to bathe with a little privacy. Hanging a shower curtain is inexpensive and simple, and there are hundreds of styles, colors, and designs to match the decor of your bathroom. You can hang on your own within a few minutes.

Place the shower curtain rod that you purchased completely on the shower floor. Make sure that all holes in the top are evenly spaced and do not have frayed or cut edges. Take each shower ring and insert it into each of the holes in the shower curtain. Usually, this involves blowing open the rings and sliding through the holes, then popping back into place. This may vary according to the shower curtain rings you buy, but the instructions will come with any type or brand.

Take the shower curtain rod and insert it through all the lock rings on the shower curtain. Slide it to the end until the rod protrudes at both ends. Pick up the shower curtain rod with the curtain hanging from it. Push the two rubber or plastic circle plugs that come with the shower curtain. These secure to each end of the rod, which provides resistance against the wall so the shower rod will remain securely on the wall.