Collect Bay Extra Long Curtain Rods

Feb 2nd

Extra long curtain rods – Hanging curtains in a three-spotted carnation seem tricky until you take a look at intelligently designed hardware for hanging the bay curtains. You can install the three bars supported by hinged brackets just by common carpenters’ tools

Ideas for collect a bay extra long curtain rods, select the desired curtain bar position on or above the window frame. Measure the distance from the edge of the frame to the mark. Transfer this measurement to mark positions fitting on each side of the window and inside angles so that the bar will be parallel to the top edge of the window. Mark screw holes by holding bracket flush on the wall or shaping on the level of the marks, and then put a pencil tip through each of the screw holes.

Then for collect a bay extra long curtain rods, mount the outer fixed position brackets first. Make sure the holder is right side up, place screw holes in the bracket over the pre-drilled holes in the wall or shaping, and screw securely into place. Referring to your trademarks, hinged brackets mount on internal angles on the wall or casting. Thread the cabinet on the curtain on the left, right and center parts of the rod. Hang the center part of the rod by pushing the holes at the ends of the rod over the inner side of the corner mounting bracket. Hang left and right bars by pushing the hole on the rod above the outer side of the corner support and the other end of the bracket near the edge of the window. Adjust the curtain cabinet to hide the mounting bracket.