Country Kitchen Curtains Design Ideas

Apr 8th

Country kitchen curtains – Like in any other room, curtains can add a finished look to a kitchen. Kitchen curtains should emphasize the decor you already have. Many styles of curtains start the same basic way. Change your pattern to make the curtains fit your kitchen decor

Ideas for make country kitchen curtains, measure the windows in your kitchen. Add 8 inches to the length of the window to allow for a headline and layering. Add 2 inches to the width. Cut two curtain panels for each window for traditional style tieback curtains. Fold the fabric for half an inch and then another one and half inch on the sides of the curtain panels. Pin the fabric into place, then stitch to form an edge. Remove the legs while sewing.

Form a jacket on top of the curtain panels by folding the fabric down 3 inches. Simply rotate the raw edge of fabric and sew into place. Hang the curtains on the windows to measure for the bottom edge. Trim the fabric if there is a lot of profit. Fold the fabric underneath so that the curtain hangs down to the desired length. Pin the fabric into place, and then sew straight to form the seam. Sew backs on your country kitchen curtains by cutting strips of fabric that measures the entire width of the window by 4 inches long. Fold the fabric along with right to right, and sew all the way down the lengths.