Creative Design Wood Curtain Rods

Jan 25th

Wood curtain rods or bars cranes are a creative alternative rod for traditional curtains. And offer a convenient way to open and close curtains. A swing arm curtain rod is a bar that is attach to the wall on only one side. The hardware use for mounting is compose of a specialize support. With a hinge that allows the rod to swing 180 degrees to the left or to the right. However, depending on which side of the window is installed.

The beauty of this unique design is that it allows you to open curtains or curtains with a single click of movement.  Wood curtain rods can hold more weight when the open end closes against the window or the wall. One creative way to use this type of curtain rod is to align the curtain with a different type of fabric. Then, when the swinging rod towards the wall to open the window. You will see a different color or fabric design.

If you have a narrow aisle wardrobe of clothing. A fork wood curtain rods that work well to hang a curtain of light above the door. When you need to get clean clothes, simply twist the curtain your way. Tilting auctions great work with French doors, shutters, cabinets, cafeteria style treatments window, bathrooms, windows, doors, etc. You can hung wide windows and swing arm bars in pairs.