Curtains For Arched Windows Visual Decoration

Nov 18th

Curtains For Arched Windows – The curved or arched windows give a visual and decorative variety to a room. Hanging a curtain in a curved window requires finding the right curved roller and structure for the job. Manufacturers have heard the call of thousands of decorators and homeowners and have created products that provide a solution. There are simple ways to hang a curtain in a curved window. Install a flexible and plastic curtain rod that bends in the shape of the window.

Start by measuring the shape of the window. Measure the curve and then each side of a window type eyebrow, the circumference or circle of an oval window and only the rounded portion of an arched window or a quarter of a circle. Ask for a set according to the size of the bar curtains for arched windows when comparing it with the measurements taken. Cut the bar of the correct length, if the one you bought is too long, with a manual saw. Buy two sets and put the bars together for larger windows.

Install curtains for arched windows using a kit specially designed for this purpose. Measure the length of the arch or curve you want to accommodate. Buy a set that fits with these measures. These sets usually come in several adjustable sizes for arched or curved type windows. The metal or plastic bars are performed and fit the length of the figure.