Decorate Ideas Black And White Shower Curtain

Apr 9th

Black And White Shower Curtain – Make your shower stand out with a sense of style. A shower is an oasis for relaxation. Make it functional, yet in line with the tone of the rest of your home, choose a theme (contemporary, traditional, funky) and make design decisions based on your theme or overall preferences.

Shower Curtain

Your Black And White Shower Curtain is an important investment piece and a display window for your shower area. Rich fabrics like woven weave or microfiber provide a spa-like feeling to your shower. A pure white continues a spa feeling. Give it a pop of color with a teal blue, rich indigo or glamorous pink. Keep lighter colors if you do not have a shower with physically or well-developed lighting; darker colors will work if you have plenty of natural or otherwise provided light.

Shower Accessories

A soap cup, a holder for your pocket and the hardware in your Black And White Shower Curtain (hot, cold and turn on / off for odds) all add style and a sense of your home to your shower. Stainless steel accessories with clean lines work well in a modern space. Glass is common in spaces that adults use primarily and are especially common in less often used showers as glass has a high risk of crashing.