Directions of Grey Blackout Curtains

Jan 17th

Grey blackout curtains were popular. People would hang heavily, black curtains over their windows and close them during the night hours to ensure that not even the slightest bit of light looked through the edges. Some people still use blackout curtains on their windows if they work at night and sleep during the day to help keep any sunlight. Measure the length of your windows down where you want the curtains to hang. Add 6 inches to allow for folding and inhibition. Measure the width of your window and add 10 inches for a blackout curtain panel. Remember that you need two panels for each window.

Cut the drapery fabric and the drapery insulation to the required lengths and widths. Lay a panel of your drapery fabric, right side up, on a large flat surface, such as the floor. Top with a panel of Drapery insulation. Set staples around the top and the two side’s edges of the grey blackout curtains. Sew around the three defeated sides of the curtain. Turn the curtain right side out. Iron seams flat.

Turn raw edges down the inside of the grey blackout curtains. Use the needle to hold the fabric and sew straight to form the bottom edge. Fold down the top edge of the blackout curtain 4 inches. Use the needles to hold the fabric in place. Make marks with chalk at 1 ½ inches from the top and at 3 ½ inches from the top to allow for a 2-inch pole. Sew across the blackout curtain on these marks to form the rod enclosure and finish your blackout curtains.