Dramatic Long Shower Curtain

Jan 31st

When we talk about long shower curtain, the first thing that is idealized is the curtain of the shower to separate it from the toilet. Boring curtains, smooth, with drawings of ducklings, heavy that eventually break the support. But, not only are the shower curtains for shower, but for windows. Yes, for windows. A shower curtain in the windows will not hurt you, on the contrary it will look amazing and if you have large windows.

If your bathroom has a lot of space and also has a sliding glass door or windows, use horizontal blinds. Blinds like long shower curtain serve to control the entrance of light and decorate the place. In the image is observed in the background, a sliding door of a bathroom that is covered by white blinds, these to mix with the style of the room.

Usually the bathroom curtains are short, because the windows are like that, but you can play with the size. If you have a bathroom with large windows, use long shower curtain, that is, from the ceiling to the floor, otherwise it is the case, it does not matter, also use them. With this, you will decorate not only your bathroom but your window.