Easy to Put Double Curtain Rods

Apr 2nd

Double curtain rods – If you are going to put some curtains, you need to know the options that you have to choose properly what you like best and what best suits your window. The decorative curtain rod plays an important role in the whole window. They are a decorative element to combine not only with the curtain. But with the rest of furniture or decoration of each room. The curtain rod is of multiple and varied decorative styles. Such as contemporary, eclectic, urban, rustic, shabby-chic, etc…

For each style you have multiple collections to choose the one you like the most. The decorative double curtain rods can be in metal or wood. In a wide variety of colors and then finishes and in different diameters. The guides and the rails are the solution for hanging curtains in an “invisible” way. That is, you cannot see the curtain support.

The aluminum guides are a practical and discreet system to hang curtains. They are very suitable for humid areas and provide an easy sliding of the curtain. Portavisillos are the bars from which we hang the curtains. Or small curtains, in the kitchens, bathrooms, interior of windows, etc. Depending on the model and also material. Then they can be installed in the same frame of the window or inside it, or outside the frame like the rest of double curtain rods.