Elegant Small Bathroom Remodel

Mar 21st

One of the trends small bathroom remodel that have become popular today, are the independent tubs , which serve not only as a facility to enjoy a refreshing and relaxing bath, but also as an element that contributes to the aesthetics of design, fulfilling a character fully contemporary and original. Having a tub right in the center of the bathroom creates a focal point that, without a doubt, gives a totally modern touch to this room.

A shower wrapped in glazing creates a transparency that brings great elegance to the small bathroom remodel. In this beautiful project, we observed a bucket for the shower, which helps separate the different areas of the room, which is excellently well lit, providing a warm character that is supported by wooden floors and stone elements in light tones. With a modern and sober design, this bathroom is a clear example of what you can achieve in your own home.

The use of micro tiles in small bathroom remodel is a trend that has recently been applied in the modern style when creating these spaces in a residence. The use of 2 or more shades in a random way creates very interesting patterns that adapt to the latest design trends, giving a very original proposal to bathrooms around the world.