Fabulous Bathroom Remodel Photo Gallery

Mar 22nd

Following with the tiles in the bathroom remodel photo gallery, they are also used in a bold way to make a clear statement of the intention in the design, creating an accent with a lot of presence in the room.  By using two different textures in both walls and ceilings and floors, we can create a visual effect that separates the areas that make up the bathroom, depending on its use.

This fabulous design made by 3DEKO shows us a modern bathroom remodel photo gallery in which the bathtub area has a minimalist finish and wood design, while the sink area opts for a reinterpretation of the classic style, combining the two perfectly with eclectic and original result. If the contact with nature and the outside is a priority, you can choose to use stone finishes and indoor plants in the bathroom.

Creating an environment more in tune with the environment, without losing modernity, which can be achieved thanks to the equipment of the room, as well as the simplicity and simplicity of the design that is printed inside it.  We hope that all these ideas have been useful and inspire you to create your own design of bathroom remodel photo gallery.