Farmhouse Bathroom Sink Ideas

Oct 29th

Farmhouse Bathroom Sink – Whether you install a sink in a bathroom or kitchen, the process is similar. Most urban building standards require a licensed plumber to prepare inlet water valves and sewers. With them in place, a do-it-yourself finisher can be installed with some basic carpentry tools and faucet installation with some sanitary equipment. Finding the dishes you want and kitchen or bathroom faucets to match can be the hardest part of this project.


Turn off the water supply wires to the Farmhouse Bathroom Sink. Turn the water off briefly to drain the wires. Turn off the crane back. Disconnect lines of water supply from the sink, using a wrench. Also use the key to disconnect the J trap on the drain. Have a bucket at hand to catch some water that is left in the water pipes or sewers. Disconnect all clips that hold the sink in place. Slide the flat edge of filler between the sink and the countertop to loosen the silicone dense holding the sink into place. Pull the old sink out of the cabinet.

Place the template that came with the new Farmhouse Bathroom Sink over the hole in the cabinet. Center the template. Trace around it if you need to enlarge the hole. Skip this step and next if the new sink is of the same size as the old one. Drill a 3/8 “hole in the worktop inside each corner of the sink contour. Place the blade of a puzzle inside one of the holes. Cut the worktop to the next hole. Repeat until you enlarge the entire opening. Hold the cut-out section as you cut the last section so that it is not broken.