Floating Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Nov 11th

Paint you’re worn out floating bathroom vanity cabinets are a big weekend project and will make a big impact in a small room. With proper prep work it becomes really durable, too. Be creative with color and transform your bathroom. Be the door of vanity, pull out drawers and remove all hinges and hardware. Put them in a bucket of mild soapy water in soak. If there are rubber bumpers on vanity doors scrape them away. Replacement is very cheap in the iron trade.

Use your degreaser cleaner and warm water; scrub everyone in woodwork with flexible grinding pad or wet-dry sandpaper. This hand takes care of cleaning and grinding in one step. Rinse and allow drying. Use newspapers or drop cloths to protect counters and floors. Use a color primer for all surfaces floating bathroom vanity cabinet. Paint cabinet boxes and both sides of the doors, paying attention to drips along the edges. If you paint a mirror, use a very handy hand or target tape to protect it.

Then for paint floating bathroom vanity cabinet, seal gates on doors, drawers and there wooden floors meet the walls. Carefully wipe off all excessive sealant with a damp fingertip until it is smooth. Allow this to dry for at least two hours, depending on how heavy the dense lines are. Paint everything you have Primes. It is better to thin, even rocking than the heavy, clumsy. Allow it to dry for at least eight hours. Then, sand very carefully with the fine-gravel, wet-dry grinding paper or grinding pad. Carefully remove dust from any residue. Paint your second layer.

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