Frameless Bathroom Mirror Wall Mounted

Feb 4th

Frameless Bathroom Mirror – Considering that mirrors can break into a lot of dangerous fragments, it is intelligible that some people consider hanging up a threaten task. However, mounting a frameless mirror on a bathroom wall is a relatively simple project that you can do yourself. Your new mirror should be ready for use in 30 or 60 minutes. Place the mirror against the wall in the position you want.

Place the level along the top edge of the mirror to make sure it is straight. Mark each of the four corners of the mirror with a pencil and then leave the frameless bathroom mirror aside. Place the end of the stick or measuring tape in the lower corner of your left, marking and measuring about a third inward. Mark the point with the pencil. Check the mark with the level and adjust it if necessary. Repeat this process with the other three corners.

Hammer the nail into the wall in one of the marks. If the nail hits a crossbar, you will not have to use the plumb line for that hole. Remove the nail and repeat the same with the other three marks. Align one of the lower supports of the frameless bathroom mirror with the screw hole in the plumb line (or the hole in the wall, if there is a crossbar behind). Insert one of the screws and tighten it with the screwdriver. Repeat this process for the other lower support.