Gold Blackout Curtains Installations

Apr 2nd

Gold Blackout Curtains – Adding curtains to a room not only gives color but can also change the overall mood of the room and add a separate look. For example, install stylish flat curtains for a modern look or puffy curled curtains for a more traditional look. Installing curtains is not difficult, but you’ll need to take careful measurements and decide on style. For example, hang the flap-top curtain strings higher, about 6 inches up from the top of the window, so you do not look through the open tabs.


Measure the overall length of the outside of the window frame with a metal tape measure. Add at least 4 inches to the total width, allowing the poles to extend from each side of the window. Gold Blackout Curtains extra width plans if you want to install full and formal curtains; this allows you to open the curtains without obstructing the view or natural light.

Use a pen and tape to mark the place you want to hang the bar, make sure you mark the same distance from the outside of the window frame. The same height up from the top edge of the frame for both sides of the window. Check your brands with one level for accuracy, and adjust the brand names as needed. Drill holes in the wall to facilitate the installation of the bar. Install the Gold Blackout Curtains bars with the hardware, as per the manufacturer’s instructions.