Good and Popular Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Jan 3rd

Bathroom lighting ideas – The typical bathroom lighting set-up consists of a single overhead lighting tripod, a light or two over vanity mirror and maybe something close to the shower. In a small bathroom, typical lighting can have the effect of creating shadows that make the room look smaller. Efficient small bathroom lighting illuminates with comfortable, useful light while creating a spacious feel in the room with a combination of artificial and natural light.

Use bright colors with natural light, small bathrooms have minimal space for bathroom lighting ideas, so make use of bright walls that reflect sunlight back in the room. Light floor tiles also reflect light and help lighten the room and give it a spacious feel.

Install sunken bathroom lighting ideas in the ceiling to provide light where there is no need for dispersion light and create glare. Hanging lamps make a room seem smaller, but discreetly recessed lights remain out of sight while lighting in the room and you can direct them to shine light wherever necessary. Reduced light uses halogen light bulbs for direct light to a specific area or can use low voltage light for softer mood lighting that shines without overwhelming accent lighting or create annoying glare. Shower and bath areas benefit from sunken light-lit lighting that attracts attention to the shower or tub, creating a focal point for the bathroom decor.