Good Design Kids Blackout Curtains

Jan 16th

Kids blackout curtains – While all curtains block at least some degree of light, blackout curtains are made of a special material that does not let through light. They can make it seem like the night in a room even when the sun shines outside. While blackout curtains have been used by the day sleepers and hotels for years, more and more parents discover the benefits of using them in their children’s bedroom.

Blackout curtains have many advantages; most obviously, they darken a room heavily illuminated with sunlight. For nap daytime or early sleep times, a dark room can help your child to fall asleep more quickly and sleep longer. Kids blackout curtains also isolate your child’s room from drag in the winter, block the hot sun in summer and act as a sound barrier.

When your child’s room is very dark, she may not wake up in the morning or after a nap because sunlight is a natural trigger telling our bodies it’s time to get up and move. Even a little light during the day can enter the room through the kids blackout curtains openings and around the edges of the window, at night almost no light comes in at all, which can be a problem for children who are darkened. But a night lamp easily solves the problem.