Good Idea Bathroom Floor Tiles

Jan 14th

Bathroom floor tiles are more complicated than most other tile jobs because of the toilet. The tiles must be installed underneath it and cut the toilet drainage. Because of the curved cutouts you need, it is best to use a tile instead of a standard tile cutter. Plan to be out of the bathroom for a few days as you will have to pull out on the toilet and you cannot reinstall it until after the cement mortar is set

How to install bathroom floor tiles around a toilet, turn the water valve behind the toilet clockwise to turn off the water. Use your key to interrupt the water line from the toilet, so to remove the bolts keep the toilet to the floor. Move the toilet out of the room. Divide the floor with two lines that cross each other in the middle with a tape measure and a chalk snap line, to create four squares. Make sure the lines are exactly perpendicular to each other, using a square to check the crossing. Lay thin-set mortar over the cross, using the heel side of your tile trowel. Spread mortar over an area larger than four tiles.

Then for install bathroom floor tiles around a toilet, push four tiles into place at the intersection, to put tile spacers between them. Use additional mortar and press in several tiles; build along the lines in a grid pattern. Use your tile saw to cut the tiles as needed along the walls and around the tub and toilet drain. Apply cement wrap on the floor, starting in one corner and working your way across. Reinstall the toilet using the reverse procedure for taking it out.

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