Gorgeous Floral Shower Curtain

Jan 31st

The floral shower curtain is the natural alternative to the screen when you want to save money, time or flexibility. They adapt to both showers and bathtubs , and although it seems that their choice is not too important, the truth is that they are an element of great presence in the bathroom and therefore can not be chosen lightly.

And as in all decorative details, we must take into account basic premises that will help us in the process of choosing our bathroom curtains: its composition, its preparation and its design. Go for it! We find them in very different aspects but, unlike the plastic ones, we bet mostly on more sober designs and neutral chromatic ranges in general. This is the last (not least) factor to take into account when choosing the floral shower curtain.

In the market we can find from the simplest to the most elaborate designs, so depending on the air we want to give the bathroom (minimal, contemporary, classic, shabby chic), this should be the floral shower curtain, accompanied by the most appropriate tone . The white, the raw tones or the pearl gray, as well as the smooth textures are the most appropriate if we want a simple and luminous bath or highlight other elements of its decoration.