Hanging Bay Window Curtain Rod

Jan 24th

Bay window curtain rod – The windows are formed by three or more windows, and have a large window in the middle and smaller windows on each side. The smaller windows are angled out from the existing wall, creating a hole in the wall called a bay. While this type of window is very attractive, it can be a challenge to hang curtains along the length of the entire window. However, hanging the curtains to cover each window pane separately is really very simple.

Measure each window to determine the length of the rod and the necessary drop to accommodate the lowered space. When hanging curtains in a recessed bay window curtain rod, you will have to determine the width and length of the required curtains. Carefully measure each window from left to right and from the top of the window to the bottom of the window.

Bay window curtain rod, determine where you want your rods to begin and end in each window. It may be necessary to extend the rods beyond the framing window to accommodate the spaces between the windows, especially if there is a substantial amount of space between the windows. If the space is large enough to add another bar, this may be a better solution. Attach the rod mounting brackets along the top of the windows according to the type of blinds you have chosen.