How to Clean and Hang Pink Blackout Curtains

Jan 18th

Pink blackout curtains help to block out the sunlight and add privacy to your home. Hanging curtains may seem difficult at first, but the process requires minimal effort. After you hang your curtains, they are often overlooked and never cleaned. To keep your curtains in good condition, they need regular cleaning. Cleaning curtains will also remove odor and add to their long life. Remove the curtain from the bar. Shake them without removing dirt and dust.

Remove loose particles with a vacuum cleaner. Use a brush to vacuum the curtain weekly to keep them clean. Carefully run brush over curtains. Clean brush after each use to prevent adding dirt and dust to the pink blackout curtains. Clean synthetic substances with cold water. Tumbler them, using low heat, and remove them from the dryer immediately to prevent wrinkles. Take the dry clean only draperies to the cleaner instead of washing them yourself.

Measure the length and width of the windows. Measuring and knowing the size of the windows will ensure you have the right size pink blackout curtains. Install brackets on each side of the window. The fittings must be installed on each top corner of the window and should be self-contained. Push the curtain on a rod. Lift one end of the bar on one bracket. Extend the rod until it is long enough to sit on the opposite bracket. Find the center of the window. Examine the window to find the center point. Tugboat on the edge of the draperies to make the edges meet in the middle.