How to Control Purple Shower Curtain

Jan 30th

Purple shower curtain show wears from ordinary use. Periodic review of your bathroom curtain will ensure you a stay aware of any damage that needs repair. Routine maintenance of the curtain will extend its service life. Checking your shower curtain often allows you to make repairs immediately before the damage progresses.

Check your purple shower curtain every month for damage to vinyl or fabric and for the presence of mildew or mold to remove the need for quick replacement. Stretch the rug open for easier treatment. Look at the holes, called eyebrows, which lie along the top edge. Check for river in and around deserts. Some curtains have aluminum spoons or fabric reinforcements around vinyl holes.  Check for damaged or loose metal threads. Metal tires can lose or rip away, posing a risk of injury if you grab raw metal.

Examine the top edge of stress damage in the form of flanges or whose upper edge was reinforced with a folded, sewn upper edge for popped seams and loose threads. The constant move in the curtain to an open or closed position eventually results in wear on the purple shower curtain. Lift the vinyl curtain over the bathtub edge, so it is in full view for a thorough examination.  Check side seams or sides. Some vinyl curtains have heat-sealed edges while others are sewn with nylon threads. Look for river, tears or popped sewing.