How to Design Unique Ruffle Shower Curtain for Your Bathroom

Jan 7th

Ruffle shower curtain is the focal point in the bathroom – they are often the biggest surface that we see when entering the room so you really want to make it stand out and improve your bathroom. Unfortunately, there are a number of choices of ready-made shower curtains that you can buy so you cannot always find something suitable. However, if you make your own bathroom curtains, you can actually get something unique that suits your bathroom, your style, and personality.

If you cannot find what you are looking for in stores or online, then why not make it yourself – you just really need to be able to sew straight lines so it’s easy even for a beginner sewer. Here’s how to choose a fun design to make you. Select the fabric on this ruffle shower curtain, the cloth needs to be washed (so you can refresh it regularly) but it does not have to be waterproof. (You can buy shower curtain liner and use it in the bathtub while your designer curtains hang outside).

Find the fabric ruffle shower curtain that you really like that will make your bathroom look good – something colorful, something funky, something cheerful, something elegant, something classic, something classic – whatever suits the style of the room your bath and the mood you want to create. You can use the same titles available for curtains such as creases or ruffles for a classic look or simple fisheye for a more modern, funky or fun style.