How to Drill Ikea Bathroom Sink

Mar 26th

Ikea Bathroom Sink – You can drill a clean hole through the ceramic porcelain sink without causing damage. The sinks made of composite materials such as ceramics and porcelain is so strong and durable they require special diamond tip drills to cut through them.


Apply a single layer of masking tape for the input and output sides of Ikea Bathroom Sink where you intend to make the hole. Press out all air bubbles so the band makes full contact. Select the whole size and position with a marker pin. Attach the appropriate width of diamond drill bit or diamond hole saw to drill bit. Diamond hole saws are hollow in the middle and cut the contours of holes that are 1/2 inches or larger. Protect your eyes with goggles. Set the drill to a low speed setting, between 500 and 600 rpm.

Get the drill to low speed before contacting the selected whole location. Apply medium pressure when holding the drill steady. It can take as long as 10 minutes to drill all the way through a thick Ikea Bathroom Sink. Withdraw masking tape from both sides of the sink. Let the diamond bit cool completely before attempting to remove it. Repeat this process with multiple consoles. Brackets should be located approximately four feet apart.