How to Expand Curtain Rod Finials

Jan 27th

Curtain Rod Finials – Expander shower rods are a common solution for setting up shower curtains. Eventually, both tenants and homeowners are obliged to come over them. Learning how to operate an expandable shower bar is simple and it’s a skill that lets you swap broken spells or replace old spells with delicious new styles. If you have average strength and coordination, you can twist a bar in place.


Make sure your Curtain Rod Finials is the right size for your shower opening. Use a tape measure to determine the size of the opening and compare the results with the size range indicated on your expandable shower bar package. In order to successfully increase the bar, your shower opening must fall within the acceptable range. Place the expansion shower bar on a flat surface, such as the bathroom floor. Grasp each end of the rod and stretch your arms outward in a stretching motion. The rod expands or becomes longer because it is constructed of two tubes that are attached but move independently.

Fully extend the Curtain Rod Finials to the point where the pipes stop and can no longer be extended with stretching. You have come to the beginning of the “Expandable Assortment”, where alignment of the rod length is accomplished by joining the internal threads of the pipes. Grab each section of pipe with a separate hand. Rotate the tubes in opposite directions for engagement with internal threads. If the threads do not catch, change the direction of rotation and twist until the threads engage. After the threads engage, your twist will cause the sections in the tube to expand slightly with each turn.