How to Make Bathroom Pedestal Sink

Feb 5th

Bathroom Pedestal Sink are often home, even if they are available for purchase in stores. The dress consists of a single piece fabric that extends from the top edge of the sink to the basin to the floor.


Bathroom Pedestal Sink with Measure the width of the dress by placing a tape measure on the left side. Stretching all the way around to the right where it meets the wall. Take part in the measurement. Measure the length of the sink by placing the tape measure in place on the sink where you want the dress to start, usually at the lower edge. Then the band stretched all the way down to the floor, taking part in the measurement.

Place the desired fabric on a flat surface. Add 3/8 inch to each side of your measurements to enable falsification. Transfer the length and width of it using a straight edge and a fabric pen. Cut along the lines with sharp scissors. Turn the fabric side down and fold each edge of 3/8 inch put it in place. Sew the circumference of the folded edges. Remove the pins. Open a roll of Velcro strap, consisting of both a solid side and a soft loop side. Scale the protective film from one side and push the top edge of the Bathroom Pedestal Sink. Pull the protective film away from the other side of the Velcro strap and fasten around the lower edge of the sink, starting at the left side, and work to the right.