How to Measure Blackout Curtain Panels

Apr 7th

Blackout Curtain Panels – Featuring curtains containing round holes punched along the upper edge and have decorative metal or plastic feeds around the perimeter of the hole. When the curtain rod is in place on the wall, for more of carrying the holes in the curtain slide over the bar hang the curtains. Measuring carried out curtains is no different than measuring other types of curtain panels and requires only one tape measure. Carrying curtains provide a decorative alternative to the usual got curtain panels.


Push a chair to the window where you want to install Blackout Curtain Panels. You have to reach the wall almost in height with the roof for accurate measurements. Open the package contains draining curtains and lays them on the floor. Measure the total height of the curtains and jot it down. Repeat the process to measure the width of each panel as well.

Climb on the chair in the center of the window and ask another person to place the end of the tape measure 1 inch from the floor. Stretch the tape measure upwards until you reach the same height as the curtain penetration. Select the location with a pencil line. Place the end of the tape measure on the pencil marker and measure to the right with the same width as one of the Blackout Curtain Panels. Select the page where the curtain rod should stop. Measure from the center line to the left with the same width as the curtain panel. Select the location with a pen to identify the end of the bar on that page.