How to Place Bathroom Vanity Light Fixtures

Nov 12th

Bathroom vanity light fixtures placement is not just what looks best. Correctly placed light over vanity gives you the best lighting that you enjoyed yourself every morning. Light placed too high or too far apart often results in shadows on your face, making it difficult to get a true picture in the mirror. Positioning vanity light is not an exact science. While certain guidelines give you an idea of ​​positioning light, your specific bathroom setup and style lighting fixtures will affect the final decision.

Assess the current vanity lighting in the bathroom. Note where the electrical wires and stands are located. Determine how good positioning works with light. Choose your bathroom vanity light fixtures. The style of vanity light can affect where you place them on the wall. Decide if you want vanity lamps mounted over the mirror or on the sides. Sconce style vanity light is meant to go next to the mirror while the bar light and those curves down generally look better over the mirror.

Determine the hanging height of the bathroom vanity light fixtures. The general rule of a vanity light above the mirror is 75 to 80 inches above the floor. Light on the sides of mirrors typically go to eye level or about 65 to 70 inches above the floor. Hang them around 30 to 40 inches between the two side lights.

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