How to Place Double Curtain Rod

Feb 1st

Double curtain rod – When we want to dress a window with curtains and net curtains, you need two bars. If the support you have does not support a second bar, in the market we have some accessories that allow us to duplicate it in a very simple way. Step by step to place a double curtain rod. First, you can place a simple bar, in this case, on the wall. For that, you measure and mark the exact point of the supports.

The fasteners that you are going to install are extensible, so you can free the blind box without problems. The next step is to make the fixing holes in the wall, with the drill in percussion position and a wide bit of the appropriate diameter. Next, you can introduce the nylon studs with the help of a hammer. Present the base of the supports and fix them with their corresponding coach screws double curtain rod. For that, you will have to replace the bit with a suitable tip.

When you have adjusted the extension of the supports double curtain rod, you introduce some plastic adapters to be able to place another bar and you put the fixings in the bases. You can now insert the curtain in the first bar and fit the latter in the supports. Do the same with the curtains and install the other bar in the adapters.