Idea for Make Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

Jan 25th

Ideas for make bathroom mirror cabinet – Choose a mirror with a frame that is more than 60 centimeters wide. You will also need a board of 1×4; in this case you have used one with averages of 2.5 centimeters high by 10 wide. Cut the board with a saw so that you form a rectangular box.  The size of the box will depend on the space you have in your bathroom, but especially the width of the mirror. The sides of the box will have to measure five centimeters less than the mirror, if the mirror is 70×70 the box will have to be 60×60.

Then idea for make bathroom mirror cabinet, screw the top of the rectangular box with the sides. For this you will need a drill and screws for wood of 5 centimeters in diameter. Add one or several tables inside the box. These tables will be the shelves that make up the first-aid kit, that is to say those that will hold the objects that we store inside the cabinet. To prevent the utensils from falling from the back, it is advisable to place a wooden or plywood panel on the back of the kit. Varnishes or seals surfaces. For this you can use a varnish or lacquer to seal wood. Once the product is dried you will have to screw wall hooks on top of the box.

Screw the mirror to the box. You will have to place hinges on the left side of the frame and hook them with the bottom of the mirror. Apply gel drops on the right side of the cabinet to absorb the impact of the door when it closes. Place two industrial screws on the wall of your bathroom, then fit the hooks to the screws on the wall and carefully place the kit in an upright position. Check the stability of the kit by opening and closing the door. Check that the bathroom mirror cabinet door does not hit the wall.

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