Ideas Bathroom Mirror with Shelf

Nov 14th

The height and location where it will hang a bathroom mirror with shelf will be determined by several factors of space and space design. As you look around, list more things you like and do not like in a room that you decorate. See the list that you experiment with height and location to create a room that is functional and beautiful.

What is the purpose of the bathroom mirror with shelf? How it will be used to decorate or for purely functional purposes will change the height of its location. The height is less critical when hanging a mirror for decoration such as over a fireplace, sofa, or floor unit. In the case of decorating, that is what seems best to you while complimenting the room and the furniture within its area. As a general guideline, a wall mirror should not hang more than six feet from the floor to the top, with at least 1 meter distance from the floor. Note when hanging a mirror is less than 5 meters above the floor, its reflections will tend in the direction of furniture, textiles, and flooring material.

If the use is more functional grade than the height of the person using it, most will influence the height and position of the bathroom mirror with shelf. When using a mirror to see your full consideration, the mirror should be half your height. If you want to see just the top half of your reflection, then the mirror should not be less than a quarter of your height.

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