Ideas Corner Small Window Curtains

Jan 15th

Small window curtains – The right curtains can add function and beauty to a room. Windows located in uneven configurations can make finding the right curtains a challenge. Windows that meet in the corner of a room can provoke particularly challenging. Curtains should provide style and room-free coverage. Divide a set of curtains to a window and create a mirror image look at your corner windows. Use a panel on a separate bar for each window. Any decorative edges must turn the corner side of the window.

Add a swag effect to the window treatment by tying the curtains back loosely. Matching ribbons often come with small window curtains sets. To make your own, buy braided cord from a sneak shop in a matching color or tone. Use plain pull-down shades in a complementary color or horizontal blinds behind the curtains for privacy. Use multiple panels to create a floating look across the corner windows. Use straight curtain sticks placed to almost touch the corner between the windows.

Buy or sew clean and flattened panels in progressive colors. Decide on the power you want before hanging your small window curtains. The eyes of the guest will be drawn from light to dark. Use six panels in total. Hang the curtains with the three lightest colors on the first pole on the way to the corner. Place the three darker colors on the other rod that works from lightest to dark. To draw attention away from the corner, they put dark panels on the outside. To attract your attention to the corner, place the lighter panels on the outside.