Ideas for Add Bathroom Sconce Lighting Design

Mar 30th

Bathroom sconce lighting – Adding Wall Sconces to your home puts a decorative touch on bathroom. Wall Sconces provide a warm glow and comes in a variety of light sources and fittings styles, so you can choose what best adds your space. However, be careful with the location of Wall Sconces. Highlight their visual effect, while some do not create an unpleasant glare

Ideas for add bathroom sconce lighting, determine how many wall sconces you want to buy is based on how much light your room requires and where you want to place inventory. Turn off the power to the wires you are working on. Cut holes in the wall for the business boxes where you want to mount fixtures. Mount Wall Sconces about six feet above floor level, so a person of average height will not be able to look down in the luminaries.

Then to add bathroom sconce lighting, run wires in the wall to socket boxes, so the wires hang six inches out on the front of the box. And then the wiring fittings for your house wire. Black tripod wires should be associated with black house wires; white stand wires should be associated with white house wires. Do not twist the wires together before using wire connectors.