Ideas for Choose Bathroom Ceiling Lights

Oct 25th

Bathroom ceiling lights are round and square two shapes. And kitchen, bathroom is generally similar to the integrated ceiling form square. Ceiling lights according to the use of different light sources can be divided into ordinary incandescent lamps, fluorescent, halogen, LED lights and so on. Different light sources in the ceiling to different places, go home should give priority to LED lights. The LED light source at the ceiling price is not expensive, but much power, long life, and the brightness is also very strong, high price.

Select mask material for bathroom ceiling lights, the ceiling of the mask is what we really can touch. Now the manufacture of ceiling manufacturers on the market many mesh materials are not the same with each other, the most common with acrylic mask, plastic mask and glass mask. The best is after two stretched imports of acrylic mask. Detection of the mask may be good or bad can first-hand pressure mask, see how soft, soft good.

The bathroom ceiling lights size must be determined after the lighting area. Should be aware, cannot use a small loft, seems to be open cannot be too large loft, will seem overwhelming. In general, 10-20 square meters size bedroom is chosen diameter of about 60 cm ceiling.