Ideas for Choose Bathroom Light Fixtures

Nov 12th

Bathroom light fixtures – Good lighting is important in a bathroom, its location, appearance, color and strength. Imagine flexibility when planning, because you probably want different combinations of light depending on the time of day and season, but also depending on what work you are going to perform. Therefore, it is seldom enough with a single light source in the bathroom. Often you need to have both two and three different light sources in the bathroom to achieve the best lighting conditions possible for the various activities.

In the bathroom there is both water and electricity, a worst case-to-death combination if performed incorrectly. Therefore, it is important that all electrical installations are made by a qualified electrician, which is the law. It is also important that the bathroom light fixtures are able to handle the environment, as you can see on its enclosure class, IP designation. The second digit of the IP designation is that which explains how much moisture and moisture the product can withstand. The higher the number, the more it tolerates.

The bathroom is divided into four areas that you assume when choosing luminaries. Bathroom light fixtures in the vicinity of the shower room must, for example, be fully enclosed so that it can be drunk in water, while lighting one meter away just needs to cope with water splash. Please take care of an electrician when making your choices.

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