Ideas for Drill Porcelain Bathroom Tile

Jan 17th

Porcelain bathroom tile is an attractive alternative to ceramic tiles. It may look like ceramic tiles on the outside, but it is much harder. Because the porcelain tile is so hard, it is often cut and treated in the same way as many types of stone tiles. Diamond tip saw blades are used when cutting porcelain tiles on a tile like that. Similarly, a hole can easily be placed in a porcelain tile with a diamond tip drill

Put a piece of tape on the porcelain tile. Porcelain bathroom tile can be hard to notice, so paint tape allows you to mark the tile easily. Measure the tile to determine the location of the hole using a tape measure. Marks location on paint tape with a pencil or pen. Deep diamond-tipped drill in cutting oil. The oil will help keep the drill in good condition. If the tile you are drilling through is thick, it may be necessary to remove some of the tile in the middle of making the hole and dip a bit into cutting oil again. Place diamond tipped drill into the drill. Begin the bore hole in the porcelain tile. A slight pressure on the drill at a 90 degree angle to tile. Work slowly through the plate.

Do not try to drill an angled hole in a porcelain tile with a diamond tip drill. Drilling at an angle may cause the tile to crack. Hard metal boron can also be used to cut through porcelain bathroom tile. However, you often apply cut oil or water to the area you are working on.How to drill a hole through porcelain tile,

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