Ideas for Install Bathroom Vanity with Sink

Nov 11th

Bathroom vanity with sink includes crane, counter and cupboard under the sink.  Ask for help lifting vanity top when installing it on the cabinet, as they are often rocky and very heavy. Ideas for install bathroom vanity with sink, measure the height and width of the new vanity with a tape measure. Measure the same height and width on the wall where you want to place vanity, so you have an overview of where vanity will go.

Use a control detector to locate wall controls within the measured area. Enter the rules. Measure the distance from the markings you made to plumbing pipes coming out of the wall. If your bathroom vanity with sink is not backless, measure the same distance on the back of vanity and cut out your back with a jigsaw so the pipes fit through your back.

Then for install bathroom vanity with sink, place the new vanity top on a flat surface with the sink up. Fill the slots on the back of the kit plate for the new crane with plaster and press it over the crane hole in the sink. Press the deck plate over the flaked plate, and then drain the tap and the water pipes through the tap hole. Tilt the vanity top to its side so you can access the water pipes. Slide the crane metal tray over the water pipes and secure the tray with a long nut. Push a tube of plaster kits on the underside of the sink drain flange, and then insert the flange into the drain hole securely.

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