Ideas to Place Chrome Bathroom Lighting

Apr 11th

Chrome bathroom lighting – Bathrooms offer a wide range of lighting placement options that range from the floor, up on the walls, and to the attic. Each place sheds light for different purposes, so you can make the most of your bathroom space. Placing small lights in a bathroom floor or along the vertical rise of a bathroom step creates a constant, subtle glow in the room. This lighting technology sheds proper light on steps to enhance security and acts as a nightlight. If your bathroom doubles as a relaxation room, light in the floor creates a soothing atmosphere because they are not overwhelming and bright.

You can also place chrome bathroom lighting under the bathroom area or vanities in the toe room. This bright location serves many of the same purposes as lights placed in the floor, but you cannot see these under cabinet lights, just their glow. You can use the under cabinet light as a nightlight to avoid stubbing your toe on sharp edges.

Placement chrome bathroom lighting near the mirror helps provide you with appropriate lighting for daily rituals such as applying makeup, shave or brushing your teeth. Light installed next to the mirror matched closely with your face minimize shadows better than light above the mirror. Light placement over mirrors is a good option if there is no room on both sides of a mirror. You can test different wattages in overhead luminaries to find which lighting fits your needs.