Ideas to Place Rose Gold Bathroom Accessories

Oct 25th

Rose gold bathroom accessories – The placement of accessories in the bathroom will be the way to complete this bathroom. These will help us to give a more modern look to our bathroom and will be very useful for us. In the market there are many designs, colors and finishes that will facilitate the choice. We are going to place a double towel rack, a soap dish and a roll holder. Start with the towel rack. With the help of a level, in our case a crossed line laser, you determine the position of the accessory, which will be at the same height as the sink. On the line we put some strips of masking tape.

Release the screw that holds the base part of the towel rack rose gold bathroom accessories, present it on the wall and mark the fixing points. Before starting to make the holes, you pass the metal detector to check that there are no cables or pipes that we can damage. Next, you make some notches on the marks with the help of a dribbler and a hammer, in this way, you will prevent the bit from slipping and the hole will be cleaner.

Rose gold bathroom accessories, with the drill initially without percussion and a wide drill, suitable for this type of surface, you make the holes. Next, insert the nylon plugs into the holes with the help of a hammer. Using the drill and a suitable tip we fix the base part with a lag bolt. Now you can fit the towel rail into the base and fix it by tightening the Allen screw with the corresponding key, which also comes in the kit.