Industrial Bathroom Lighting Options

Nov 13th

Industrial bathroom lighting – Your bathroom is where you prepare for the day and then prepare for sleep when the day is complete. The lighting you have in your bathroom can help or prevent you in both of these tasks. Make the tasks easier while improving the overall efficiency of your bathroom by installing a variety of lighting types to suit your needs. Personal grooming requires seeing yourself in good light, which means few, if any, shadows. Since the most detailed grooming happens in front of the mirror over the bathroom sink, it is where you want to concentrate your lighting.

You also need enough light in the shower, bathtubs and areas, and general industrial bathroom lighting that is bright enough to clean the bathroom. A simple overhead fixture can accomplish this in small bathrooms, but larger areas may need more. Recessed luminaires over bath and shower add light without being in the way, and many manufacturers make fixtures rated for high humidity areas such as bathrooms.

General large-scale projectors are usually best for restrooms, but you can lay down with high hanging fixtures, as well. Another option for public and toilet area industrial bathroom lighting is track lights aiming to bounce off the ceiling or walls. This reduces the harder appearance of direct track lighting.

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