Install Bathroom Medicine Cabinet with Mirror

Oct 26th

Bathroom medicine cabinet with mirror – Many bathrooms in a home have a vanity and a mirror that is connected to a medical cabinet. Some medical cabinets can hide an electrical outlet. Adding an electrical outlet to a medical cabinet resembles installing a new outlet on an existing wall.

And also most people do most of their personal care in the bathroom so it is good to have a bathroom medicine cabinet with mirror. Not all commercial medical cabinets are supplied with pre-mounted mirrors, but homeowners can easily attach a mirror to a medical cabinet. In addition to the cabinet and mirror, it is necessary only double sided tape to attach a mirror to a medical cabinet. The necessary materials can be easily purchased at a home center and are easy to use.

Ideas for install bathroom medicine cabinet with mirror, measure the medical door. Buy a mirror that is not bigger than the medical door. Mirrors can be purchased at a home center store. Clean the door of dust and dirt. Attach four strips of double sided tape to the back of the mirror. The tape should be attached to four vertical strips. Remove the paper strip backing from double-sided tape. Place the mirror against the cabinet door and slide it to attach it to the cabinet door.